Estate Planning

Estate planning is the wisest decision you can make in consideration of your loved ones. This proactive measure can help your family avoid probate and ensure all the right documents are in place when the time comes. Don’t leave your loved ones unprotected by forcing pressure on others to determine proper allocation. Death is difficult enough without involving legal problems, so it’s best to take preliminary action and consult an estate planning attorney.


what to expect

It’s never too early to begin estate planning and protect your family. With the help of a proper attorney, this can be a fairly painless process. Not only will this action require a fraction of the time of probate, but it also allows your beneficiaries to acquire assets quickly. What’s required to begin estate planning?

  • Basic family information. Do you have siblings? Are you married? Any kids?
  • Property data. Do you own a home? Any rental homes? Stock or 401k investments?
  • How would you like your assets divided? What benchmark ages should your children attain their inheritance?
  • Once everything is finalized, a trust will be set up in your name. All of your assets will be transferred into this trust for security.

Need guidance from a lawyer? let us know how we can help.

Dear Jody and Daniel, thank you so much with our dad’s estate.  We really appreciate all your helpfulness in answering our questions and helping us know what to do.

Lori G

Living out of state and attempting to find a reputable estate attorney to guide us through the process of settling the estate was difficult. The Law Office of Daniel B. Johnson came highly recommended by another attorney. Mr. Johnson and his highly skilled paralegal worked diligently to resolve our case. Mr. Johnson made every effort to close the case in a timely fashion. I would happily recommend this law office for estate issues.
Melissa G.